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Blood Donation camp held on 19th December, 2012,in association with the Red Cross Society -
A blood donation camp was held on the 19th of December, 2012 at the Ideal Eyes campus in association with the Red Cross Blood bank. Health Minister Mr Ashwini Kumar Chaubey inaugurated the camp. The other dignitries present were Mr. Ghulam Rasool Baliyavi (Director of the 20 point programme and JDU General Secretary), Dr. Vinay Bahadur Sinha (Chairman of the Red Cross Blood Bank), Mr. S.P. Singh (Director Red Cross), Dr. Shashi of Rajeshwar Hospital, Md. Shakeel Akhtar (Secretary of Ideal Eyes). The programme was anchored by Mr. Ritu Raj.

Large number of students of Ideal Eyes donated blood on the occasion. According to the Red Cross Society and the AIDS Control Society, Ideal Eyes is the largest blood donating organization of Bihar. The Red Cross Society had arranged for 3 ambulances and a well equiped team of doctors. Almost 200 units of blood was collected at this camp.

On the occasion the health minister said that "Blood donation being the greatest donation helps in saving precious lives. Blood donation is a means of spreading the message of humanity. Youth and organizations should come forward and participate in such programmes".

Ideal Eyes organizes a blood donation camp every year for the welfare of humanity. The Red Cross Society Chairman praised the organization for pioneering such a cause and expressed his satisfaction at the enthusiasm of the youth at the camp. Mr Ghulam Rasool Baliyavi said that Ideal Eyes has done a comendable job by organizing such camp for the purpose of social welfare. The oragnization has set a fine example for the society.

Md. Shakeel Akhtar thanked the guests for their support and expressed his gratitude for making themselves available for the occassion.

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Blood Donation Camp

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