Media Wing:

This wing promotes information collaboration and effective communications between NGO’s to develop effective partnership with each other. The wing also deals with the electronic networking to strength community organization by boosting its knowledge base and its ability to share information and experience with strategic allies and other partners in relevant field. It has also launched a magazine at its previous function named “IDEAL VISION”.

Media plays an important role in the systems of present life. Media has made the wold a global village. The main advantage of media is that in a democratic country like India, media provides the masses a platform to voice then opinion. Ideal Eyes through its media using works on focusing the problems of the youth.

It also launched a magazine in 2009 known as ‘Ideal Vision’. The Ideal Eyes is also working towards publishing an English weekly newspaper. It also has plans to launch a course in journalism and Mass Communication soon.

Documentary films is believed to be an important medium to --- strong social messages to the masses. The institute is making serious offers to set up a small studio where documentary films can be made for the benefit of the society as a whole.


Educational Wing