Foreign Languages



A career in Foreign Language is an attractive proposition, for those who have a flair for languages. Our trade links are expanding overseas so the requirement to people with skills in language is increasing. Skills in foreign language like French, German, Russian, Chinese and more recently Japanese, Spanish and Korean are in great demand. Opportunities start from tour operators, online content writers, technical translators or decoders.  Interpreters and translators.
With the globalization of Indian economy, Multinationals coming to India and more and more companies going for joint ventures abroad, the job scenario for those proficient in foreign languages have opened up. The ever increasing amount of scientific, technology and cultural information promises a growing need for those who are able to facilitate international communication. Academic qualification in pursuing career in the areas of tourism, entertainment, public relation and mass communication, international organizations, embassies, diplomatic service, publishing houses BPO’s etc more and more avenues are opening up in tourism and call centers.
The future growth prospects also vary from language to language, in governmental work, apart from French, German, Spanish Japanese etc, even smaller languages like Pashpio, Uzbek, Tajiks, Hebrew, and Portuguese etc have a huge demand now.


Foreign Languages


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